Australian Freeze-Dried Fruits Wholesale

Great Quality Queensland Goods

GQQG is an Australian wholefood manufacturing and distribution company

We aim to satisfy the need for high-quality food for all of our customers who value their own health and wellbeing.

We care deeply about people’s healthy eating habits, their lifestyle, and the environment. Our passion is to provide people with the finest food and change for the better of our community and environment.

Freeze-Dried Technology

We are so passionate about a healthy lifestyle and protecting our environment that we decided to explore the Australian food market in order to find a product that will tick the boxes for being nutritious, healthy, and fresh for a longer time.

It took us a couple of months to research and explore all the existing ways of food dehydration before we discovered sublimation drying – a slow process that removes moisture from raw, frozen products, also called freeze-drying.